Swatch x BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms joint diving watch

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There is a new spark in the cooperation between the Swatch Group and high-end watch brands. Following the global popularity of MoonSwatch, a hybrid of Swatch Amber joint watch.

The Swatch x BLANCPAIN collaboration is based on the popular works of the two brands, including SWATCH's Scuba diving watch series and BLANCPAIN's Fifty Fathoms series. The two giants have joined forces and are ready to bring a new wave of shock to the market.

Although it is only announced that it will go on sale on September 9, Swatch x BLANCPAIN has already unveiled this hybrid joint watch first. Just like the MoonSwatch joint creation theme, there is a sub-theme, that is, 11 works are derived from stars in the solar system. In order to get closer to their identity as diving watches, Swatch actually posted a preview on the social platform Po a few days ago. Some clues about the theme of the watch's creation have been hidden.

This time, the Swatch x BLANCPAIN Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms watches are inspired by the five oceans of the earth, including Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. ). Like MoonSwatch, the watch case of the SWATCH It is more durable than traditional plastics, not as hard and fragile as ordinary ceramics, and can be mixed with different colors like ceramics, making it an ideal choice for making watch cases.

The diameter of the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms watch is 42.3mm, which is a little smaller than the 44mm diameter of the MoonSwatch. The five case colors are pink-orange (Arctic Ocean), yellow (Pacific Ocean), blue (Atlantic Ocean), green ( Indian Ocean), ice white (Southern Ocean).

The two brands' representative patterns (BxS) will appear on the top of the crown of the five watches. They will all be equipped with NATO straps, which are made of recycled fishing nets from the sea. Swatch will replace the straps according to the color of the case, bezel and dial of each watch. The color matching forms an integrated style, and the strap will also contain a bioceramic buckle and watch ring of the same color as the case.

With different ocean themes, the dial design of Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms watches will also have similar but different details. For example, the Arctic Ocean model has a red trefoil pattern with a white cross at 6 o'clock, which is from the five o'clock direction. Ten Fathoms No Radiations Get inspired elements. The Southern Ocean model also has a circular pattern divided into upper and lower parts at the 6 o'clock direction of the dial. This creative origin also comes from the hygrometer installed by Fifty Fathoms Mil-Spec around 1954 according to the needs of the US Navy.

The dials of the other three Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms watches will have the BLANCPAIN x SWATCH dual brand logo at 12 o'clock, the words Scuba and Fifty Fathoms at 6 o'clock, and the words 91m/300ft are also printed in the same place. In order to pay tribute to the historical origins of the Fifty Fathoms series that first became famous, its waterproof performance is set to 50 fathoms (approximately 91 meters or 300 feet) just like the name of the watch.

Another difference between the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms watch and the MoonSwatch is that the movement of the former is changed to the Sistem51 automatic movement instead of the quartz movement. Under the Biosourced mirror on the back of the watch, you can see that the Sistem51 substrates are printed with patterns representing the oceans and surrounding lands. Swatch will print Nudibranchia (Nudibranchia) found from the five oceans on the automatic discs of the five watches, commonly known as sea slugs in a broad sense).

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