Amazon Poison Dart Frogs Attack the Bezel ― G-SHOCK Frogman Series 30th Anniversary Commemoration Creates a New Great Offer

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The Casio brand G-SHOCK Frogman series caused quite a stir when it launched in 1993. Following the previous re-enactment of the legendary Golden-Eyed Frog King, in 2023, the second limited edition GWF-A1000APF-1A launched to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series will take the Frogman to a whole new level with a special design inspired by the Amazon poison dart frog .

The biggest feature of the Frogman series is the asymmetric design of the case to meet the wearing comfort. This time, the combination of dazzling multi-color carbon fiber on the bezel and the upper translucent resin case vividly reproduces the appearance of the Amazon poison dart frog. The look and feel, in which random patterns of colored carbon fiber and fiberglass materials are laminated and pressed before being cut to create an intertwined array of vibrant colors, perfectly recreates the distinctive red-orange, black and teal body markings of the poison dart frog.

For the strap, polarized ink printing technology is used to create a pattern that looks like spots on the skin of a frog. In addition, the frog logo engraved on the back cover is also specially added with Amazon poison dart frog spots and 30th anniversary patterns. With the exclusive special outer box packaging for the anniversary, people will be immersed in the charm of the G-SHOCK Frogman series for a second.

GWF-A1000APF-1A adopts Tough Solar solar charging system, MULTIBAND 6 six-station radio wave and Mobile Link function, so that the watch can be paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth®, and automatically adjusted to the correct time through the App G-SHOCK Connected, It is also equipped with a 200-meter diving-grade waterproof specification that complies with ISO standards, allowing users to wear it at ease in outdoor water activities such as surfing or diving, and accurately grasping the time without regular battery replacement.

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