Zenith once again joins hands with HABANOS to launch the ELITE elite series Romeo and Juliet cigar moon phase limited edition watch

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Following the cooperation with cigar brands COHIBA and TRINIDAD, the cooperation between Zenith and HABANOS ushered in a new breakthrough. Zenith has redesigned the brand new ELITE series for the first time. Create Romeo Y Julieta (Romeo Y Julieta) special edition watch series. With this exquisite masterpiece, Zenith intends to reinterpret the time-honored ELITE series moon phase watches in a romantic style.

"Zenith is very pleased to return to Havana with HABANOS friends to open a new chapter of cooperation and celebrate the joyous moment together. We launched a collaboration watch with cigar brand Romeo and Julieta (Romeo Y Julieta), highlighting ELITE elite The timeless beauty of the British series and the charming charm of Romeo and Juliet boutique cigars.” said Julien Tornare, President of Zenith.

Romeo and Juliet interpret the true meaning of romance under the night, and the moon and stars are their only witnesses. This scene is interpreted in the ELITE elite series Romeo and Juliet moon phase watches. In the "Romeo" men's watch, the double hemispherical moon phase complication and the dazzling dazzling dark blue sun-pattern dial complement each other, while the "Juliet" ladies' watch has a red gradient dial and is decorated with the Romeo and Juliet brand logo . The moon phase display is also unique. The heads of the Romeo and Juliet humidor are meticulously engraved on two silver moons, vividly depicting the eternal pursuit of love by a pair of lovers under the night. In the dial design, Zenith no longer uses the traditional arched hollow to display the moon phase, but uses two circular openings to keep the dial's sun pattern intact.

In this special edition of the ELITE series, the "Romeo" watch uses a 40.5 mm diameter stainless steel case, and the "Juliet" watch uses a 36 mm diameter stainless steel case with 75 diamonds set on the bezel. Both are paired with an alligator leather strap that matches the color of the dial, while the lining is in the opposite color. ELITE Elite Series Romeo and Juliet Moon Phase Watches are limited to 145 pieces each to commemorate the 145th anniversary of the establishment of the Romeo and Juliet Cigar brand.

Romeo and Julieta (Romeo Y Julieta) cigar was established in 1875 and is one of the most prestigious Cuban cigars in the world, and will celebrate its 145th anniversary this year. From 1885 to 1900, the brand won numerous awards in a number of tasting exhibitions, and these honorable medals were added to the brand identity. At the beginning of the 20th century, the brand won international praise under the leadership of Jose Rodriguez Fernandez (known as PEPIN). Rodriguez is visionary. He took his horse Julieta to Europe and the Americas to participate in many famous races to promote the Romeo and Juliet cigar brand. Winston Churchill is also one of the fans of the brand. To commemorate him, the brand named its flagship product "vitola".

The brand chose to name the cigar after Shakespeare’s famous love story because the cigar rolling master was deeply moved while listening to the cigar factory’s lecturer telling this romantic story. When making HABANOS cigars, having an instructor is an essential tradition. The curling master rolls a few filler leaves into high-quality HABANOS cigars, and the lecturer reads classic literature aloud to encourage them. It is said that the enthusiasm that people taste in HABANOS cigars stems from the passion injected by the cigar rolling master during the production process, and the source of inspiration is the story read by the lecturer.

"We have always said that our close relationship with Zenith stems from the value concept shared by the brand, and we are also proud to witness the unique pair of watches spawned by the combination of the iconic works of these two luxury brands. 2016 is In the era of COHIBA, the world-renowned high-end tobacco brand, our partnership also began here. In 2017 and 2018, we launched a new special edition of Zenith COHIBA watches, which further consolidated our relationship. Partnership. Then in 2019, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the TRINIDAD brand, Zenith launched 3 unique watches to surprise collectors and enthusiasts of HABANOS. And now it’s the new one. At the dawn of a decade, this is an era of enthusiasm, an era that strives to enjoy every second of life. This is the reason why Romeo and Juliet and Zenith cooperate hand in hand. While enjoying the wonderful HABANOS, we You can also wear this chic watch and enjoy the rhythm of every moment.” said Jose María López, vice president of business development at the famous Cuban cigar manufacturer HABANOS.

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